11 June 2009

distraction = relief

I should be calling that caterer that my friend J. recommended. Instead, I'm looking at these:

Attack Bird Chronicles
worth looking at just for the videos ... and the tag line "this bird is pissed"
(note to self: while in SF, avoid Citi National Bank on Front Street)

Design Sponge
I want a house, and I want to make it (and the stuff in it) look this cool.

F*U Penguin
Yes, I'm a child.

Okay, I'm going to work now.


dairy princess said...

I'm distracting myself by reading blogs as soon as they appear in my reader. :)

Oh and F*U Penguin is the ultimate distraction!

samantha said...


I love you but my pocketbook hates you. Etsy is now my favorite time toilet of shopping.