21 July 2009


I hate it when I'm unfairly accused of making things complicated. Yes, I have planned a wedding that includes a ceremony in one city, a dinner afterwards that is not the reception, and a reception on a different day in another city, all because I really don't want to get married in Los Angeles, a city that I have no emotional attachment to despite my having lived here for (gulp) a decade, and also because this way I can maintain the illusion that I had a small wedding while still indulging my desire to have a big silly party with all my friends. I will cop to every bit of that, and throw in a cheeky grin that says "ain't I just the darnedest?" on top of it. But this ... this is just silly.

Before we decided to have people RSVP via email, I designed a card to include with the invitations. Since I didn't want my time/effort/creative brilliance to go to waste, I used it as a picture on the website page that tells people where to email their replies. Simple, right? Not so much.

Now I'm getting emails saying that the "form" on our site is broken. People are apparently spending upwards of 20 minutes attempting to type into the graphic. Even though a mere fraction of an inch to the right it says, and I quote, "Please email to the above address & let us know if you'll be able to join us!"

Reading is fundamental people. It isn't that complicated ... well, this part isn't, anyway.


CheapAndEasy said...

Clearly you forgot that people are just stupid sometimes ;)

un-bride said...

@C&E: fortunately, I had the girl at the tux shop to remind me.

Mr.Un-Bride said...

Here's what you do: Change the image to also be a link to the email address. I forget the exact code, but it's something like mail::address@dot.com or something. so the total imbed would be (and I'll use parenthesis instead of less and greater than signs, so as not to confuse the html scripting of this website):

(img)(src="image address goes here")mail::rsvpaddress@goes.here(/img)

I think. Man it's been a while since I studied html. Which I was doing on my own so that I could keep up in Java class. le sigh.

"dexant" - A base-10 navigational tool for mariners, similar in nature to the more widely known sextant, which is a base-6 navigational tool.

I made that up about the sextant, but it makes sense to me.

anna and the ring said...

Just when you think you have cultivated an intelligent set of friends. Oh I fear for the death of common sense. It be close.