31 July 2009

hello lethargy, my old friend

I knew this would happen. After the last two days' absurd level of productivity, today came up bust. And yet I feel like I've been "doing stuff" for hours. Sure, most of that was cursing at my bank & resetting my Target.com password. Oh, and ascertaining that I am in fact teaching tonight -- which was apparently meant to be a surprise. (Boo!) I love it when that happens.

Beyond that, I managed to replace a few out-of-stock items on our registry with things that are still available, update the list of RSVPs, and realize that the Mr. & I really do need to collaborate on the whole honeymoon registry idea ... but at least we have an account now. That's the good news.

The bad news is that we waited too long to make a deal with a hotel in L.A., and my I-hate-that-piece-of-crap cell phone currently only transmits voices via the speaker function. And my brain seems to be incapable of tallying any more receipts. Won't they organize themselves if I continue to stare at the pile on my desk?

Which is (yet another reason) why I am oh-so-grateful for Mr. UB and his amusing ways. Via text:

Him: Pierre just asked if we'd like some tropical fish linens as art touches on the buffet tables, and some tiki torches. I said yes linens, no torches. Sound good?

Me: (gulp) Not sure about fish linens - might clash with rest of decor. Can we see a pic?

Him: He says they're black with colorful tropical fish.

Now, I think that thus far I've been pretty damn zen about a lot of things. The band we wanted doubled their asking price: hello, iPod. One of the groomsmen is too broke to fly out: ask a friend to step up, or we'll just have uneven numbers. We don't have a fancy "getaway car" for the photos: will anyone even remember that?

Also -- I love me some Pierre. The guy is giving us such a deal that he'd be justified in just tossing the food out the window as he drives by. But instead he keeps thinking of all these additional touches to add in for free. But this horse needs to be reined in pronto.

Me: (trying not to hyperventilate) Gently suggest that the seashells are a minor decor touch. This isn't the Enchantment Under the Sea ball.

Him: Oh crap, I just approved one of the waiters to be dressed as a great white shark a la Eagle vs. Shark.

Okay, perhaps I deserved that.

Him again: And I've got a midget dressed as an octopus wearing a sombrero filled with chips & salsa -- for the cocktail hour.

He makes me laugh. But I still may strangle him -- I haven't quite decided.

And then I got this text from his former roommate:

I'm going to be there! Not bringing anyone, can't wait to meet your bridesmaids. You got a sister?

It's a good thing I live on the ground floor ... because I may just jump out the window.


anna and the ring said...

"And I've got a midget dressed as an octopus wearing a sombrero filled with chips & salsa -- for the cocktail hour."

I need to be at that party! Still time to add another to your guest list!?!

elizabeth said...

Ha! Love the 'midget dressed as an octopus' - and that wouldn't be so out of place in SF. Maybe you cvan just roll with the Under the Sea Ball, and embrace Pierre's tropical linens? :)

Totally unrelated: Do you know any make-up people in SF who don't require a many-hundreds-of-dollars minimum? I'm not very handy on that front, and have yet to find someone I can afford...

("potiosun:" Italian seafood dish favored by octopus-dressing midgets wearing sombreros, commonly featured at undersea-themed weddings in San Francisco)

Mrs Nipper Knapp said...

Mr. Jessica Rabbit is funny. I can't wait to meet him.

samantha said...

you need to put the octopus comment on textsfromlastnight.com
i just spit diet coke everywhere. Mr. UB - love ya.

ps - will you be pointing this chap out who is sizing up the bridesmaids? I may either need to run, or bring a roseary (gawd I can't even spell it much less say it) for after.

@ Elizabeth, I know a great makeup artist in Sonoma County that does wedding makeup etc. Don't know where your stuff is @ but she's amazing and reasonable as far as that goes