22 July 2009

more almost-free stuff!

One of the goodies that came with being picked as a couple for a Minted.com design challenge was a $250 credit toward any of the beautiful paper things on their site. The obvious choice (meaning something they have that we need): thank you cards!

I love these -- they're the perfect colors (sage green, white, slate) and the flowers look a lot like these:

I love it when things look like I planned them. It makes me feel smarter.

Now I just need them to hurry up & get here -- because "stuff" has started to arrive! The wedding fort* is acquiring a second wing.

*I didn't come up with that phrase. Elizabeth did. But I wish I had.


anna and the ring said...

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

Love the cards, love the colours. You lucky girl!

samantha said...

"almost free" you sound like the street vendors in Cabo... :0)

elizabeth said...

hey, thanks for the blog love :)

congrats on the boots (smokin' i'm sure! my purple one's just came and i can't wait to try them on!), the reasonable French caterer, and the awesome free stuff!!!!

oh, and the imminency (a word?) of your wedding!!!

head down here, so that you all can soon call me dr. barefoot, but I'm following everyone's adventures with GLEE!

("conapo": to nap together, in Italy)

elizabeth said...

ah - another great word verification:

"alering" which I'm sure is exactly how the boots look! do we get a visual?