10 April 2009

because I'm just that good

Wedding Front News:
1) We've officially booked our ceremony and reception venues. Woo hoo!

2) Dad has a truck. Dad lives in S.F. Which means we won't have to pay $200 to get $70 worth of chairs delivered to the ceremony site. Yay, dad!

3) We met with the decorator lady from the reception site. She understands our budget. Phew!

4) I'm on my way down to the LBC after work tomorrow, to pick up some linens. $100 will give us just about everything we need, and we can re-coup some of the cost by selling it when we're done. Craig, I heart you.

5) A hint of possible future wonderfulness arrived tonight, c/o the fabulous His Parents. Even if it doesn't pan out, I'm just so touched by their generosity.

6) It's almost Easter. Hooray, bunnies!

(yeah, it's a rabbit with a comp card. whaddya want from me? it's L.A.)

7) This is officially Post #101. How'd that happen? Thanks for coming along for the ride. You kids keep me sane.*

*as long as we're grading on a curve.


elizabeth said...

Woo-hooo!!!! You are an unstoppable wedding planning dynamo! with bunnies, to boot!

Redframe said...

But does it have the Bunny's measurements on it? Congrats on the 101 and I really really enjoy your posts! x

Marie said...

Congratulations on hitting 101! I was so excited on London Bride when that happened. I felt like a real blogger then. Love the bunnies and yeay for booking venues!

un-bride said...

@Redframe Oh, make no mistake ... Bun Bun is a serious Animal Actor. I have this because an ex of mine produced a Target commercial that needed a rabbit.