15 April 2009

now that's just silly

Okay, this is only tangentially related to wedding planning, but I can justify it on the grounds that a) it started as a thought about Our Future Home decor, b) swung past a Former Idea For B'maid Gifts, and c) well, it's just a blog, afterall. And my damn blog, at that. Besides, I sometimes need to come up for air, y'know?

So yesterday was my first day in a long while working for one of my personal assistant clients. How long a while? He didn't know I was engaged. I'd suspected that the reasons for my discontinued employment could've been a) he's in the financial biz, and may have needed to cut expenses, b) his new girlfriend wasn't crazy about me being around (Errand Monkeys can be very ... threatening?) or c) reports of my untimely demise had been slightly exaggerated. At any rate, he's a zero-maintenance client, and I'm glad to be working for him again. (He's also single again ... any gals out there within spitting distance of Pasadena? There's a good one on the market.)

One of the things he's been up to is renovating a house with his brother. I went by yesterday to take notes on a few remaining projects, and had to bite my tongue not to blurt out "I love it! We'll buy it!" Mainly because I thought I should run things by Mr. UB before making such a commitment. But it put my brain back into its "I can't wait 'til we start making a home together" groove.

And then I found an ad for Engrish.com in my inbox. For the un-initiated, Engrish is the peculiar, ubiquitous mangling of the English language on signs/advertisements in Asian countries. I have a weakness for it because I spent a year in Japan when I started modelling. The stuff is everywhere, and it's often hysterical. To wit:
I kinda want this poster next to the bathroom mirror. Just in case I forget why I'm there.

I'd originally thought of these as b'maid gifts:
But I'm pretty sure they already know that.

And I have no idea who these would be for, but I love them anyway:

Unfortunately, I'm not making any frivolous purchases right now. But I'm saving the link.


Lysandra said...

I love the Engrish blog! It happens much too often that I'm laughing out loud at my desk and someone walks into my office. Some of those are just not easy to explain...

elizabeth said...

Ha! That second shirt is just perfect for dissertation writing! Then I wouldn't have to give people dirty looks all the time... They'd just know.

Julia said...

ah hahaha! that tshirt is wicked! off to check out the blog now

AmyJean said...

Those are awesome. I always say me no speaku engrish... lol!

Mr.Un-Bride said...

Let us not forget my personal favorites (which I've given to my sister for her past birthdays):

"What kind of world is this? It's kind of crap!"


"I smell the smelly smell that smells smell." Which features two cute little bears, apparently talking to each other.

mimi said...

i love your (non) segway from houses to engrish. i was somehow with you all the way though. have seen some fucking lovely email that has been sent around but you found funnier ones.

un-bride said...

@Mimi in my mind, there was a witty "from homes to home decor" segue. Alas.