25 April 2009

when procrastination equals planning

I bought the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings three days ago, and I haven't read it yet. Not because I'm testing myself, in some sort of weird willpower-that-no one-will-ever-see exercise, but just because I haven't bothered yet. I view this as tremendous progress in re-claiming my sanity.

In other, "real" progress this week, Mr. UB's father, aka His Dad, has come through with a major favor: the Mark Hopkins Hotel, where he always stays when he's in the city for business, is giving our wedding party & guests rooms at $75/night.

It's an incredibly nice hotel, with a bar on the top floor (in a building at the top of a hill) that has views to die for. And in a city that's not exactly famous for its hotel bargains ... as much as I try to keep her in check, my inner snob is very happy. On our budget, I was afraid we'd be at a Motel 6.

I'm amazed at how many things are coming together for this wedding. Maybe I should take another week off from planning, and see if a free-roaming caterer rings my doorbell.


elizabeth said...

I love the title! I think it needs to go on my fridge, next to the sign that Mr. Barefoot got me that says "if it weren't for the last minute panic, nothing would ever get done" (current wedding planning evidence notwithstanding, as it is oddly out of character, along with just about everything else surrounding our wedding.)

It seems that you may have channeled some Zen wuwei - doing by not doing. On your way to enlightenment!

a)a flower?
b) the Victorian method of verifying that the marriage was consummated?

Julia said...

well done on the hotel!!!

Modelmental said...

That hotel looks amazing! And you are a super blessed little bride to be when things like that just happen while you don't read Martha Stewart... Is that the doorbell?