29 April 2009

the continuing adventures of the nerd herd

I really wish I'd thought of that name myself, but it's Mr. UB's baby. He sent me a text message on Saturday morning that said "Since you're teaching all day, I'm off to Ren Faire with the nerd herd." And last night he let me know that members of his Guild have posted links to the "House" promo with me in it on their message board (where I am known as Kazguhl's Future Wife.") Sorry, ladies -- he's taken!

I don't usually get to participate in their weekly activities (which are just like reindeer games, only with less reindeer and more dragons) because they happen on the night I teach at S. But I made an exception a few weeks ago for a very special occassion: the birthday of our Best Man.

Where did we go? Where else!:

Yes, that's right -- Medieval Times. I know you're jealous.

The whole night was organized as a surprise by the birthday boy's girlfriend. They're a lovely, demure couple.
No, there's nothing "metaphorical" about that photo at all -- how dare you?!

It's a good thing that these people arrived last, because he might've guessed what was in store for him if all of us had been milling around his living room like this:
No, that's not anyone's car. We wisely arranged to be transported in style (aka an Airporter shuttle bus.) Why?

That's why. They serve you beverages that are larger than your head. On purpose. (Side note: said beverages were the main reason I agreed to this excursion. I doubt I'd've survived it otherwise.)

I tried repeatedly to photograph this plastic sword thingy so that you could tell it lights up. Stoopid auto-flash camera.

This is our friend D. Mr. UB has known him since college, and he once cast me in a play as a ballet-dancing giant squid. (Yes, really.) He also writes children's books.

What does one do at Medieval Times, while waiting for the jousting to start?
Why, have the birthday boy knighted, of course!

In my habit of regularly finding minutiae in my surroundings to obsess about, I decided that I have to have these for my bathroom at home.

Oh, right ... did somebody say jousting?
Here comes one!
Hello, Lady!
Fortunately for the attention span of anyone still reading this, the battery in my camera died. Suffice to say that those jousters do not eff around. Sadly, the novelty of eating a meal sans utensils (authentically of-the-era, don'tcha know?) was somewhat soured by the other novelty of eating a meal amidst the odor of horse poop.


Teresa said...

Oh, oh, oh. I haven't been in years, but I used to heart that place.

elizabeth said...

What a hilarious crew you have! Your wedding is going to be a blast!

(these days, I'm commenting just to play the Secret Word Game.
"caterati": caterers to the glitterati. absolutely apropos!)

Julia said...

oh!!! I LOVE medieval times!! only went once when I was a little girl. SO much fun!

Mr.Un-Bride said...

Did you know that in parts of Mesopotamia, horses are fed a bean-curd derivative called "tagul?" Now you know. And knowing the half of the battle that doesn't involve killing people.

To wit: At the Ren Faire we ran into Todd, aka "Jack Dagger" - my friend who happens to hold the Guinness world record for throwing the most knives with accuracy at a target of (I believe) 7 yards in (I think I recall correctly) 30 seconds. He was doing a knife throwing show there! It was awesome. Then I got to sit in traffic for 4 hours trying to leave the parking lot. Maybe I exaggerate. Or maybe my sundial was broken. Did they have sundials then? Probably not, witchcraft like that gets you burned.

un-bride said...

@Mr.Un-Bride um ... babe? Are you ok?

sara-grey said...

nerd herd is an amazing name I am definitely stealing it for my f.h. who also happens to possibly be a huge nerd. Him and his herd get together weekly to indulge in their nerdy pursuits. this night is aptly named: nerd night.

Mr.Un-Bride said...


Our get-togethers are called "Nerd-fest"

Did you know that you can get miniature gourmet Italian meatballs in your local grocer's freezer? You can, thanks to "Spegaz" - real Italian taste in a tiny little ball! God I love these secret words.

un-bride said...

@Mr.Un-Bride ... see, now I know what you're up to. You're writing comments "about" the silly non-words that you need to re-type in order to post comments. Which is both adorable, and less frightening than what I thought had happened (which was that you'd gone round the bend.)