29 April 2009

plodding along with paper products

I've been wanting to make lined envelopes, to fancy up our invitations a little. And I finally figured out how to do it, without spending $$ plus shipping to order a template that I'll never use again.
All I needed was this stuff, a roll of wrapping paper from the clearance aisle at Target that cost 85¢, and a box of 150 leftover Ivory A7 envelopes bought from a girl in Westwood. (Again, Sir Craig, I salute you.)

Step 1: grab a used manila folder
Step 2: carefully measure one of the envelopes you'll be lining, and subtract about 1/2" from the width & height for the ideal liner size. Cut the manila folder into a template to trace onto the wrapping paper.
Step 3: dig remainder of manila file from trash for when you screw this up the 1st time, and try again
Step 4: start cutting!

I'm not sure exactly how long this took, but I watched most of "The Biggest Loser" last night, and listened to a fair amount of Jim Rome's radio show this morning. (Yes, I'm demographically schizophrenic. What of it?)

How many envelope liners does one average-sized roll of wrapping paper make?
About 60.

I made an assembly line to keep from losing my place (and mind). First, I cut the wrapping paper & placed each liner inside an envelope. Then I went back through my stack & glued the liners down. Finally, I used a bone folder to crease the liners along the envelope fold.

The best part is how well everything is matching so far.

That sheet of paper is the stationary for our invites. The ribbon below is what's going to bind the various pieces together.

The colors of the liner look a little grayer on film than they are in person -- everything's a really nice, creamy palette.

In the rest of my spare time, I've been working on these:

I bought 12 styrofoam balls, but only need 6 to hang on the chairs at our ceremony. The decorator lady from our party venue suggested re-using them to decorate the patio at the party, which I think is a great idea -- so I'm just going to make all 12 into these paper pomanders. (Original project how-to found here.) It occurred to me that we could hang 2 from each chair at the ceremony ... but I'm wondering if that won't make it appear as if our chairs have testicles. Thoughts?

... Is all of this starting to erode my sanity? Why do you ask?


Marie said...

I am so impressed with making envelope liners yourself, I never would have gone to that trouble! But they do look great.

Love the testicle comment, almost laughed out loud at work. Why not 3 balls on some chairs and 1 on others, then you avoid the problem?

samantha said...

and who says a pole dancing actress model isn't domestic?

nice work! I'm very impressed!
love you!

Mr.Un-Bride said...

My secret word today was brought to me by Joe "Bidem." I know, I know. It's just the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

Babe! You never told me about this - the envelopes look great! And of course the salamanders are fantastic. I bet you'll be able to sell the finished product (should I say "we'll?" Since *we'll* be married then) post-wedding.

You crafty devil, you! Arts and crafty, even!

sara-grey said...

thank you for the cheap and simple liners tutorial. I am now pondering doing the same myself.
I also laughed at the testicle reference, nice!