21 April 2009

chuck it all

It's finally happened: Wedding Blog Burnout. I did next to nothing in regards to wedding planning last week, and could barely even bring myself to look at my daily roster of must-read wedding blogs. Perhaps because work has (finally) picked back up & I have less free time? Perhaps because I was still reeling from our best man's joust-a-thon birthday party? Or because I've just reached a saturation point?

The truth is, I don't really care. Mr. UB is being his usual amazing self & picking up the slack. And I've got scripts to study for three (3!) auditions tomorrow. I'm sure this is just a temporary lapse ... but forgive me, for not having a damn thing to say about the shindig we're planning.

Oh, and I'm trying to swear less, ever since I found out how many family members are reading this. (Hi, Aunt Lee!) Please feel free to follow my lead & blame Billy Bob.


CheapAndEasy said...

Oh come on, burn out happens to all of us (some of us more than others). You deserve a break. You have all kinds of stuff already done. Or maybe that's just in comparison to my almost nothing. Either way, relax!

Julia said...

C&E is totally right - it happens! you're totally on track so don't stress. In fact, I would be REALLY curious to hear more about your audtions and things, if you want to write about non-wedding related stuff!!

un-bride said...

@C&E, @Julia what ... me, grouchy? over-reacting? Not possible!

Mr.Un-Bride said...

cromerif is definitely not a word. I'm a little disappointed today, usually the blogspot word verification at least makes me wonder what the word means.

As for picking up the slack, I've tracked down the contact info (emails and real addresses) for 30 of our guests (7 to go until I'm done, why won't those bums call me back?), booked the reception venue (after discussing the contract with the event coordinator over there), and entered into serious negotiations with the band. Oh yeah, I paid the deposit for the Wedding venue as well.

There, now the latest and greatest wedding news has been delivered!

A.Mountain.Bride said...

i've been blogging like crazy over here in my lil world and i'm starting to feel the burn bigtime. i don't know why i have been so compelled to get in two blogs daily...what the hell was I thinking!??