02 April 2009

music, maestro

I mentioned our "wedding band" in my Playlist from Hell post a few days ago, but I didn't say much about them. It turns out they have a website ... well, a MySpace page, actually (and did you know that MySpace started as a networking site specialized to bands, before it became a way to get famous by being a giant whore?) so I can tell you more about them.

Meet Sensei John Kreese & the Cobra Kai Dojo:
Perhaps you can see why I put "wedding band" in quotes. Russ, aka the Guy in the Red Bandana (and yes, you can call him Sensei) is one of our groomsmen. We went to see his band play a gig recently, and it was beyond fantastic. (How fantastic? We drove to f**king Fullerton.) In the midst of dancing like very silly white people, recently arrived from 1984, Mr. UB blurted out "Will you guys play at our wedding?"

Now, lest you think he lacks manners, I need you to understand that my fiance does not normally ask his friends to perform their professional services at his random bequest. But he was in a rare state of Sustained Bon Jovi Exposure, and it went to his head. Lucky for us, they said yes!

They wear ghees. They play covers (from Zepplin through the John Hughes movie soundtrack era). They're loud & funny & better musicians than their gimmick would indicate. (In fact, they're all music conservatory graduate students.) They're unbelievably fun. And I can't wait to dance all night at my wedding.

** If you have no idea who Sensei John Kreese is, click here. Or here. And stop reminding me that I was born before you.


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I love that your husband's friend gets to play at your wedding. And yes, "wax on, wax off."

(maybe even born before you.)

Julia said...

wicked, wicked!!!

elizabeth said...

SOO awesome! They look like so much fun! It would be *amazing* if you could put me in touch with cool bands/ DJs in the Bay.

mimi said...

oh when we saw the dj he has his offbeat band with him. i so wanted to hire them but it's out of budget. your band looks really fun!!
mimi, def. born before you.

samantha said...

shot thru the heart... and your to blame darlin you give love.. a bad name! can't wait!