05 March 2009

because who doesn't love a big box o' balls?

I got these in the mail yesterday.

Well, technically they arrived on Monday, but the box (understandably) didn't fit in my mailbox. And the line at the post office on Tuesday was out the door. So I retrieved them yesterday.

I got them on eBay, for the amazing price of $1.54/each -- including shipping. I'm very pleased about this, considering that the cheapest I found the same size (5") in stores was $3.99.

They're the main ingredient of my next craft project: pomanders. I've seen 2 styles that I like, so I'm going to make 1 of each & see which one "wins". First, the paper flower version:
Found on Once Wed here. I need something called seam binding, which can apparently be ordered on Etsy. But I think for the trial run I'll use plain ribbon/scrap fabric. No need to invest until I know it's a go.

Second is the tissue paper version:

Photo from the Budget-Savvy Bride here, with instructions on Vintage Glam Weddings here. I like the look of these better, but I'm also fairly certain that they're a lot more labor-intensive.

Which brings me to my next point: my wedding is over 7 months away, and yet I find myself in an almost permanent state of anxiety if I'm not doing something physically related to planning the f*cking thing. What the hell is that about? I'm normally pretty even-keeled (unless I'm in traffic, which doesn't count.) I don't get stage fright before performances (I freak out afterward, instead), and I'm good at completing big projects by continually chipping away at them one piece at a time. So What. The. F*ck! is this all about?

Also, the reception venue I've had my eye on for months finally gave me a price quote yesterday. More than five times the advertised rate. Fuckers. So I'm back to square one on that.

Hmmm ... maybe those last two things are related.


elizabeth said...

Hey, if the reception is in SF, this link might help
I was perusing budget wedding tips yesterday... some of these places sound pretty great!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

can't wait to see the final result!

Marie said...

That looks like quite the project but I'm sure it'll be amazing, looking forward to seeing the finished product! I think the anxiety will go once you get a couple of big things ticked off, like the venue. I remember I sort of had monthly rollercoasters of anxiety depending on the week or my work stress or other things... Good luck on the venue hunt :)

samantha said...

1) i love you if I haven't said that lately - and your blogs crack me up. HOW did you become this domestic? did something get slipped in your food? or is it leaking in from that metal thing around your hand?

2) I like the first one of the pomanders

3) when you are done planning your wedding, and it's all said and done and there is a sudden void in your life and you lack things to freak out about - how about taking over my life for a few weeks? I could use a vacay from it.

Cheap Wife said...

CanI just say that I LOVE the title of this posting?! LOL!