19 March 2009

the mystery of the box from China

What follows is my version of a Nancy Drew mystery, only dorkier:

It all started when I found a box from Target on my doorstep. "I didn't order anything from Target," I thought as I brought it inside. But since it was addressed to me, I felt okay about opening it.

Inside the box was a George Foreman grill. No card, no note, nothing at all to explain it's unexpected arrival. (I looked about 5 times, just to be sure.) Just a packing slip, with a billing address in Taipei. I don't know anybody in Taipei.

Remembering vaguely that I'd put something like that on our registry, which was indeed at Target, I logged on to check. Yep -- "Requested: 1" ... "Received: 1". Bingo! But their website doesn't show you who purchases the items you receive. I searched the box again ... nope, definitely nothing to identify its sender other than that packing slip. And I still didn't know anybody in Taipei.

I sent a text to Mr. UB, who graciously took time out of his raiding to discuss the matter.

Me: I think we just got our 1st wedding gift, but there's no card so WhoTF?

Him: Ha! What is it? Maybe we can guess.

Me: George Foreman grill.

Him: We registered for that?

Me: Apparently. There's a billing address in Taipei. WAIT - you know someone there!!

Him: No I don't.

Me: Your parents went to a wedding there. Showed us
all the pics at Xmas?

Him: Oh yeah. I don't think they'd send a gift, tho.

Me: "sender's name"

Him: OMG! That's totally her! Wow - how nice!

Me: Hooray!

So apparently we've received our first wedding gift, from the woman who was an exchange student in Mr. UB's house when he was in 6th grade. His Parents went to her wedding a few months back, and she got us a present when she heard the news. (Side note: I guess people have found our website, and its "working".)

So now we can grill stuff and have the fat drain away, all thanks to a formerly overweight heavyweight boxer.

My favorite part is that it's called "The Next Grilleration," with the font & everything. I feel like I should tell my friend Wil.

In other Mail News, the UPS guy brought me this today:

Chapter 2 of my Christmas present from Mr. UB: Cheese of the Month Club. I have the best fiance ever.


Marie said...

Now that is exciting, on two fronts :) The cheese and the grill. What cheese was it btw?

Teresa said...

How fabulously random.

un-bride said...

@Marie I got 3: Brie & St. Marcellin from France, Red Leicester from your neck of the woods. And this happens every other month, all year. It's seriously the best present ever.

Mr.Un-Bride said...

I got the cheese of the month club from:

They also do beer of the month, wine of the month, and combinations of all of those. I did some pretty extensive research, and as far as monthly (or bi-monthly) cheese is concerned, these guys are the cheapest of the quality sites out there.

samantha said...

STFU- you are NOT friends with Wil Wheaton! please Jess, tell me you are not friends with him! please? cause if you are, I may have to kill myself for having like 30 photos of him all over my room from like Stand by me on ...

and I love the grill story - they make great grilled cheese sammys too.