27 March 2009

the seagulls are taking over

Think I'm kidding? Check out this cheeky bastard:
What the hell? It's not a monument to you, jerk. But that's okay ... go ahead & perch up there. Make a spectacle of yourself.

And look who was waiting for me, over by the lake:
He's just staring at me, with his weirdo "I can only look directly at you by turning my head" bird vision. Is he sizing me up? Challenging me? Waiting for me to turn my back so he can go all Hitchcock on my ass?

Their influence is so pervasive, it's even affecting the art in the park:
This Putnam guy supposedly finished a sculpture up to two years after he died?! Who do you think is responsible for that? Yep ... the frickin' seagulls. They're terrible with dates. Go ahead -- ask one when William of Orange invaded England. He won't know.

You've been warned.

(Actually, these are just pics that I accidentally left out of yesterday's post. But you should still watch out for seagulls. They're evil.)


Teresa said...

I can't decide which are worse; seagulls or pigeons.

Cheap Wife said...

such an "F you penguin" post...I am laughing so hard! :-)

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I love seagulls, they're so sinister they make me laugh!

un-bride said...

@CheapWife ... yeah, I think Jim Carrey said it best: "Imitation is the sincerest form of plagarism." I heart F U Penguin.

Of course, that site is dedicated to CUTE animals. I think the seagulls place me safely outside that rubric.

Krista said...

That's too funny!