12 March 2009

paper pomander post-mortem

Mr. UB has weighed in, and in his (inimitable) words, "The second one looks like a box of Kleenex exploded."

So, as a general service to a) E. , who asked; b) anyone out there who's thinking of making these; and c) any of the parental units who're contributing to our budget who happen to see this ... the cost break-down per unit is:

styrofoam ball: $1.54 each (as pack of 12, from this eBay seller)
seam binding: $2.10 ($0.30/yd, bought here on Etsy)
craft paper: about $1.79 (at Michael's)
pearl head pins: about $1.25 (at Michael's & Moskatel's)
craft punch: $4 (at Michael's, with coupon)

Total = approx. $6.68 plus pro-rated cost of the craft punch (tbd at the end of all this nonsense; currently $0.66/ea.) = approx. $7.35 per pomander.

Which I maintain is still quite a bit more economical than the average "real" flower pomander. If you have evidence to the contrary, please comment & let me know!


Marie said...

I don't have evidence on real flower pricing but I can say that hopefully the pride of seeing your fabulous handiwork is priceless. Oh and that I am very jealous of your sunshine and heat!

Jenn said...

I can't imagine real flower pomanders costing any less than that. DIY is the way to go!

east side bride said...

sounds like a lot of work for an exploded kleenex box :P

Mr.Un-Bride said...

I thought I said that the kleenex box threw up?

The chief difference is that the paper cut out pomander looks amazing: Clean, crisp, and very very professionally done. It's like the sort of thing that you see on display at Macy's around Christmas time and you think, "Wow, that must have taken *forever* to make. What is it?"

And now I know: It's a pomander. Which I think is related to a salamander.

un-bride said...

@eastsidebride And how. There's nothing like pausing to take in your handiwork, and realizing it's crap. Thank dog it occurred to me to do a test run.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

Can't wait to see them!