26 March 2009

gathering my thoughts

We're back, Mr. UB & I, from our lightning-fast jaunt to San Francisco, during which:
... a) we hung with his sister & her hubby (by virtue of the fact that they put us up.) They celebrate their 1st anniversary this Saturday, and how cute are they?!?:

... b) Mr. UB met my dad & my non-Cali-dwelling sister for the 1st time. (Because why not throw that in?) It went very well. My dad's a pretty laid-back kinda guy. Especially once you've asked him, as a total stranger, for his daughter's hand in marriage. Yes, I've mentioned that before. It still impresses the shit out of me.

...c) we visited 2 restaurants recommended by my Beer Babe as possible locales for a post-ceremony dinner. Verdict: we want a deal with Restaurant A to be managed by the Guy from Restaurant B. Can you set that up, Duchess? Lovely!

...d) we walked our tootsies off, searching for another ceremony location. Outcome:
** Golden Gate Park is pretty
** San Francisco is infinitely superior to Los Angeles
** I have terrible judgement regarding suitable walking shoes
** we need to see if that place in Malibu makes moving the whole thing to L.A. worthwhile
** I still like the POFA, and I'll blog soon about the advice that backs me up
** said blog shall include pictures, many of which are random.

I'm sure I meant to write about something else, but after driving back from SF & going straight to work, I've acheived the sort of tired that officially qualifies as a mental defect. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

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elizabeth said...

Sounds like a successful trip! I hope you can get the venue sorted out... POFA is so beautiful!

Always a good idea to introduce the groom before the wedding :) Ironically, Mr. Barefoot met my mom for the first time this past weekend, too.