09 March 2009

i need this

I'm in love (again) ... with this:

Could you freakin' die? Made by {domestic construction}, for sale in their Etsy shop. For something I didn't know existed until 2-ish months ago, I'm not sure how I lived this long without Etsy. Just sayin'.

Also, I had this strange moment today, on the set of an acting gig:

Random Crew Guy: What's your stage name?

Me: I don't have one.

RCG: Oh?!?

Me: I'm not a stripper.

RCG: Huh.

More on this later, but I was fairly amused. A) I chose to be flattered, & B) I think that means I did good.


Victory Bird said...

Brings new meaning to the word tealight. Hardee har har!

Teresa said...

etsy changed my life.