04 March 2009

things that inspire

Okay, I think I've calmed down a bit. (I was starting to feel like I was auditioning to guest-blog for East Side Bride's "f* this" category ...) So I'm changing gears today, if only to remind myself that I have more than one. I'm just (re)posting things I've seen lately that make me happy, introspective, or inspired.

NYC skyline, as photographed by Color Me Katie here.

Interior of Dresden apartment by Frederik March. (credit missing - please advise!)

Snapshot cloud collage by Nicolette Camille, via design*sponge here.

Child's bicycle at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, by Christopher Sims, via Mother Jones magazine here.

And finally, this amazing video of a song I love:
Found on Black Eiffel, via Daily Motion here.


Nicole said...

Great collection! And thanks for the invite feedback at nicoleandjesse.blogspot.com. Would love to hear how it turns out for you closer to the date.

Marie said...

That cloud collage is awesome! I'd love to do something like that but with pictures of food... Mmmmm

Teresa said...

I literally felt weak in the knees when I first saw that Color me Katie photo. Isn't it divine?

east side bride said...

Wait, are you suggesting that I'm cranky?

un-bride said...

Not at all. Merely 'fessing up that I definitely was!

Amber said...

nina simone is a total inspiration. best.

great blog!