02 March 2009

more of Why He's Awesome

Mr. UB & I were out being social last night. The girlfriend of one of his groomsmen was celebrating her birthday at a cool little bar in downtown L.A. The group of us were playing pool -- mostly very poorly. (It was a friendly game, and the table didn't even have an 8-ball.)

After one particularly spectacular missed shot by Mr. UB, he muttered something to one of his buddies. I waited a beat, then turned to the person closest to me.

Me: Ginina, did he just say, "If these pockets were dragons, I'd be killing this game!"?

Ginina: Yeah.

Me: (pause) I'm marrying that.

Ginina: (grinning) Yeah!

I know you're jealous.


east side bride said...

Is that a D&D reference? I so don't get it.

un-bride said...

I'm actually not clear on the specific reference, but it's definitely video game-centric. I'd ask him, but I'm afraid of glazing over during his explanation & not retaining the info anyway.